Sustainable Practices in the Junk Removal Industry: Best Practices and Innovations

The junk removal industry has a significant impact on the environment, and leaders in the industry have the opportunity to model a more sustainable approach to junk removal and waste management. With the generation of significant amounts of waste, it’s crucial for junk removal companies to adopt sustainable practices to help protect the environment. Well-implemented sustainable junk removal practices can reduce waste, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and promote environmental responsibility. 

The World Bank reports that global waste generation will likely increase up to 70% by 2050, making it all the more important for junk removal providers to further their efforts at reducing this trend. When junk removal companies implement sustainable practices, they can help minimize the industry’s negative impact on the planet. As part of our commitment to sustainable junk removal practices, today we’re sharing some proven best practices and innovations to help businesses promote environmental responsibility while maintaining efficient and cost-effective operations.

5 Best Practices for Sustainable Junk Removal

Your business can get started implementing more sustainable junk removal by following these five best practices – or ensuring that your junk removal vendor upholds these standards:

  1. Efficient Truck Routing: Optimizing the routes of junk removal trucks and vehicles will help both minimize fuel consumption and reduce your carbon footprint. By using GPS-enabled routing software, companies like CheckSammy are able to efficiently plan their haulers’ routes to avoid unnecessary driving, reduce idle time, and minimize the distance traveled between jobs. Reducing the amount of fuel used leads to a smaller carbon footprint – not to mention big savings on fuel costs.

  2. Proper Waste Sorting and Recycling: One of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills is by properly sorting and recycling materials. Sustainable junk removal vendors typically start their process by sorting and separating items made of different materials like metal, plastic, and electronics, and then diverting them to the appropriate recycling vendor instead of sending everything to a landfill. Taking things a step further, CheckSammy often breaks down items to separate the materials to facilitate recycling. For example, candles will be broken down to separate the glass from the candle wax and the wick, enabling each material to be recycled individually.

  3. Donation of Usable Items to Local Charities: An important part of the circular economy is making sure that every item is used for its full lifecycle. When items that are hauled away still have life left in them, the best practice is to donate them to local charities or thrift shops instead of disposing of them in a landfill. Items that can often be donated include furniture, appliances, toys, and clothing. Not only does this practice help reduce waste, but it also supports local communities.

  4. Track & Trace Data for Sustainability Reporting: Sustainable junk removal efforts that deliver concrete, accurate data are critical to businesses’ sustainability and ESG reporting initiatives. Track and trace data simply means the collection and analysis of data related to the junk removal process, including the amount and type of waste collected, the recycling and donation rate, and even the carbon footprint of the entire process. Companies that have access to track and trace data from their junk removal practices are able to easily measure their sustainability performance and report on their progress. CheckSammy is proud to offer unalterable, verifiable track and trace data for all of our sustainable services.

  5. Employee Training on Sustainable Practices: Training employees on sustainable practices is crucial for promoting sustainable junk removal. This is why CheckSammy provides all of our haulers and employees with in-depth training on sustainable practices, including waste sorting, recycling, and landfill diversion. This is an important part of our commitment to sustainability.

Beyond these best practices, there are various innovations that are driving the junk removal industry forward in its sustainability efforts.

Emerging Innovations in Sustainable Junk Removal

New technology and innovations are emerging and evolving quickly in the junk removal and recycling industry to help improve sustainability efforts. Here are the top three innovations that we have our eye on:

  1. Digital Solutions Digital solutions are becoming increasingly popular in the junk removal industry, which encompass a variety of innovations. These include the use of digital platforms and tools to manage waste removal and recycling and track waste volumes and flows. By taking advantage of such digital solutions, businesses can easily share their junk removal and recycling data with regulatory agencies and continue improving ESG reporting.

  2. Artificial Intelligence: Machine learning and algorithms offer significant opportunities to reduce job redundancy and human error throughout an organization. At CheckSammy, we apply AI in various ways to drive efficiency; from AI image recognition software to help automate the process of cataloging junk items, to fleet management software to optimize routes and ensure fuel efficiency of our large network of haulers.

  3. Drop Bins: Also known as sustainability bins. CheckSammy has a network of more than 25,000 recycling and reverse logistics facilities that ensures we can sustainably divert any material, quickly and locally. From SmartBins to DropBags, we can supply vessels that fit your project and we offer companion apps to track and reward Drop events. CheckSammy Drop simplifies the process of moving pre- and post- consumer material back into the circular economy while maximizing the volume of useful product or materials that is diverted from the landfill.

The Time for Sustainability in Junk Removal is Now

With the technology and solutions for sustainable junk removal practices readily available, there’s no better time than the present to start implementing sustainability into your organization’s operations. CheckSammy can partner with you to develop a sustainable junk removal program from the ground up, or assist with optimizing your current efforts. Contact us today to get started.

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